The Best Display Banners for Networking Events

If you want your brand to stand out so that you can take centre stage at the next networking event or conference on your calendar, it’s all about having something that will catch the eye. To give you some new food for thought on the subject, we’re going to take a look at a whole host of different banner options that will place your business front and centre like never before.

Do Banners Really Work?

It has to be an emphatic ‘Yes!’ from us on this one. With so many businesses vying for attention and footfall, it can be hard to know what to do. You could pay for a premium pitch position or an executive sized stand — two options you’ll have already thought of no doubt. However, that will not make you actually stand out. You will just be the highest-paying member of the event if such an option is available. Which is not quite what you are aiming for.

By using specialist signage like banners and flags, you can make your stand visible and easy to find from the other side of the conference hall. That way, you’ll be at the front of mind of every would-be partner and investor, as your logo constantly appears in their field of vision. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a few of your options to get things started.

Pull-Up Banners Look Great Either Side of Your Stand

Creating an impact is what will really allow your brand to stand out, so you need to give a little thought to how your stand is going to look from a distance. A pull-up banner is a clever way of getting your brand out there, whilst also giving you plenty of space to advertise a few other bits and pieces.

Displaying key facts and stats about your business is one way you can use a pull-up banner to draw people in. By giving them something to read and digest, you can create a welcoming and informative presence that is a little less sales-orientated than if you were handing out fact sheets and looking to instantly swoop down on every interested party. They’re something that can also be used back at the office when you want to freshen up the branding and core message. The atrium is a good place to display a pull-up banner outside of exhibition time so that the people who’ve visited your site can get a quick snapshot of what you’re all about.

Flags Can Be Seen From Miles Away

Flags are another option well worth considering. The great thing about them is that they’re designed to move freely which is a proven way to catch the eye. In a networking event where the entire conference hall is decked out with rigid signage and printed hand-outs, having something that waves people to come over and take a closer look can really help you stand out.

They can also add a more fun and relaxed tone to your brand if you’re looking for something a little less corporate. This could be ideal if you’re looking to make a memorable impression by creating a visual that will look good in photos and press materials.

A Branded Table Cloth Could Be the Perfect Finishing Touch

tableclothSomething you may not have thought about to begin with is how you’re going to present your table so that you can take any networking event by storm. Every networking event needs you to provide a space where you can base yourself and talk in more depth with the people that want to hear more.

If you want to create the right impression then having your table cloths adorned with your logo is a great way to display the rest of your materials. By displaying your logo on the front you can reinforce your brand in the minds of everyone who walks past. Not only will this help you extend the reach of your brand, it’ll also look a lot more appealing that tying a sign to the front of a wooden desk at the last minute.

PVC Banners Can Be Used Over and Over Again

Durability is something you may also want to consider which is why PVC banners make it onto our shortlist. Because they won’t tear or crease, they’re the ideal solution to the problems that arise when you want something that you can use throughout the conference season.

By picking an eye-catching design that can be seen from a long distance away, you’ll be able to entice prospective customers to come over and take a closer look. No matter what you have in mind, just ensure to make it memorable and representative of your core identity and you won’t go wrong.

Outdoor Banners Mean Everyone Sees Your Brand First

The final suggestion we have is all about jumping to the front of the queue. By investing in some outdoor banners, you’ll be able to get in there first before anyone else. Not only will this allow you to dominate a far less busy area than inside the hall, it’ll also allow you to pitch first so that people know they should come and find you.

Whilst the exact sizes and positions will be somewhat up to the event organiser, there’s no harm in trying something a little different that the competition won’t have thought of. Take your time to get it right and you’ll reap the rewards in terms of increased footfall and more of those all-important leads when everyone makes their way inside.

Now that you’ve heard a few ideas on the way forward, all you need to do is give some careful thought to what’s right for your business. Don’t go overboard and use every type of signage possible. Pick something that fits with the style and the ethos of your brand so that you can catch the eye of passers-by whilst staying true to what you’re all about. One thing’s for sure: you’ll know the right balance when you find it.

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