When you’re looking for a new and exciting way to attract customers, it can be hard to know where to turn to. You don’t necessarily want to change the signage on your store because it only went up last year, and there seems like there’s a limit to how many new leaflets and flyers you can hand out on a Saturday afternoon. To give you some fresh ideas, we’re going to take a look at the world of flags and banners. If you haven’t considered them yet, you may be surprised by just how many options you have at your fingertips.

Does a Banner Really Make Much Difference?

When you want to showcase your business, it’s vital that you stop at nothing to get your message out there. If the outside of your building is looking a bit tired and dated, this will give passers-by the impression that what lies inside is much the same. If you fail to keep pace with the seasonal advertising of your competitors, you’ll soon fall further behind and you won’t be at the front of the mind of as many consumers as you were last year.

Banners and flags are a simple and cost-effective way to make a real difference to your brand awareness. Let’s take a look at a few of the specifics to give you some food for thought:


They’re So Much Easier to Install than Traditional Signage

Traditional signage is typically metal, plastic, or wood. It looks great and lasts for years, but that comes at a price. Whilst it’s expensive, it’s also not the easiest thing in the world to install. A large sign really does require the input of a professional if it’s going to be safely secured and suitably aligned on the front of your commercial building. There’s nothing wrong with this, but if you’re thinking about changing things up on a regular basis, it’s certainly inconvenient and impractical to be changing your outdoor signage throughout the year.

The same isn’t true of flags and banners, because they’re lightweight and can be installed by any member of your team. This makes them well worth considering if you want to retain greater flexibility in the manner that you advertise.

Banners are Ideal for Seasonal Promotions

A seasonal promotion is an ideal way to create a stir in the local community. Whether it be Christmas, New Year, Easter, chances are that by showing that you care, you’ll be able to increase your footfall and turnover that particular week.

Not only that, but a little seasonal variation allows you to experiment and find new ways to engage your customers. It’s all about having a flexible tool that allows you to quickly and easily try something new without the waiting times and costs of erecting permanent signage every time you want to test a new advertising strategy. Get your proposition just right and you’ll be able to develop a dozen or so promotions that kick in at the same time every year.

Flags Move in the Breeze to Catch the Eye

The interesting thing about advertising with flags is that they catch the eye far more frequently than static signage. We humans are programmed to respond automatically to things that are moving in our peripheral vision, and one of the things that catches our eye will be a flag flapping in the breeze.

Of course you want to get the balance right between how much it moves and how much content you display on it. You don’t want it hanging limply in the breeze so that no one can see your logo. But you also don’t want to display it in gale force winds, so that it’s moving so frenetically that nobody can get the faintest idea about what’s on it. The secret is to use a flag to display your logo and a simple striking colour that matches your brand. Anything else you can save for print materials and rigid signage or banners. 


They’re a Simple Way to Breathe New Life into a Storefront

When you want to transform your storefront, you may think that you have to repaint the building and erect new signage. Whilst you’ll want to do this every now and again as a matter of course, there’s no feasible way to make it happen in a single afternoon at any time of the year you might need a bit of a boost.

The answer lies in banners. You can easily have a banner printed in just a couple of days and then string it up within a few minutes of it landing on your doorstep. Ideal if you want to create a stir by unveiling your new-look store that seems to have popped up overnight.

They Come in Any Colour and Size

The final thing we want to say is that banners and flags are made out of large sheets of material which means there are few limitations on the sizes you can make use of.

This will be perfect for those of you that have an irregular or awkward shaped area that you want to fill with attractive branding and information, (or consider a roll up banner). You won’t have to cut anything down to size when it arrives, and you’ll be able to get that custom fit that makes all the difference to the aesthetic quality of the finished product. Perfect for when you want to add something to your business that will really enhance the impression that you make on passers-by.

Now that you’ve heard everything we have to say, all you need to do now is start coming up with a few ideas for how you can use flags and banners to help grow your business. We always suggest getting an idea of the scale you will actually require by measuring where you intend to hang them. Making a quick scale drawing of your storefront is often a simpler way to proceed as it will give you a much better idea of how the flag or banner will look once it’s in position.