Getting your brand out there and growing your business is all about putting your message in front of the eyes of the people that you want to do business with. And while there literally may be thousands of ways to do this, and while a new digital tactic may be popping up daily, there are some offline means you should be trying out sooner rather than later.

Branding a flag, a banner, pull up banners or any other visible and noticeable marketing prop with your colour and your logo is one of the surest ways to reach new eyes and fresh customers.

They Can Make Your Store Stand out

Whether you own a physical store on the High Street or at an out of town shopping centre, it can be difficult to know how to make it stand out. You’re surrounded on all sides by different brands, some of which are competitors, others just bigger and bolder storefronts. The size of your building and your window space are two things that are hard to change, but making the most of what you have in place is not. Changing your signage is something that anyone can do in a single afternoon, or just put out a pavement sign.

With a flag flapping gently in the breeze you can breathe new life into your storefront without having to dramatically change your layout. Ideal if you want to freshen things up and draw in new eyes.

They Can Cause a Stir at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a time when you really want to go all out and create a stir. Some companies do it with eye-catching giveaways, a celebrity figurehead, or just by making their stand truly memorable.

The important thing to remember here is that you’re going to be in an exhibition hall bursting with stands, most of which will be the same size as yours. You could pay extra for a premium pitch and location, but don’t be fooled into thinking that yours is the only business that has thought of that old trick!

What you want to do instead is design your stand with the proximity of other stands in mind. When you’re sat in the boardroom looking at storyboards of what your stand is going to look like, you’ll naturally think it’s the most eye-catching thing in the world, but picture it in a sea of other stands and you’ll come to a different conclusion. A couple of large flags on either side of your stand are a great way to attract attention your way when the rest of the offering isn’t in line of sight. This will ensure that new customers don’t forget to pop by and talk business with your team.

They’re Something You Don’t See Every Day

Walk down the High Street and everyone has a conventional sign fixed to the front of their store. Walk through the business district and everyone has their logo attached to the outside of their building. Of course, some visuals and brands are more memorable than others, but when it comes down to it, everyone is largely doing the same few things to promote their businesses.

What you need to do is think outside the box and connect with customers who don’t know they need you yet. A large banner and a set of logo flags is a great way to draw attention to your offering in an otherwise homogeneous marketplace. Give it some thought and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the pile of new ideas that you can get down on paper.

They’re Memorable

Being memorable is one of the most important things when you’re trying to put your brand and your offer to the forefront of your customer’s minds. If you walk past a business that looks vibrant and keen to try something new, you’re far more likely to remember their name when you come to need what they specialise in.

By creating something that you can change with the seasons and that looks great in the sunny weather, you’ll be able to create a visual that puts your brand exactly where you want it — front and centre.

They Can Be Seen From Far Away

This one comes back to one of the points we made when discussing how flags and banners can help you cause a real stir at your next trade show.

Because flags move in the breeze and can be positioned well above the eye line and above conventional signage, you’ll be able to catch the attention of passers-by from a greater distance. Even something as simple as a flag will help you bring more people to your door because all of us are drawn to things that move more than we are to things that remain static. Think of flags and banners as proactive signage and you’ll soon draw up a whole host of times when you can deploy them to help promote your brand and grow your business.

They’re Easy to Change

The final thing to consider when it comes to flags and banners is the ease of use. Fitting conventional static signage requires a professional fitter if you want it done right — cutting corners and getting an employee to do it will likely leave you with something that has a lot to be desired.

Flags and banners on the other hand can be erected in just a couple of minutes by anyone on your team. This also has the added bonus of allowing you to change them to keep things fresh and engaging. You could create a series of banners promoting seasonal sales for example. Summer, Christmas, spring; no matter what times of year your business targets, you can change your message in just a couple of minutes. Not only will this provide you with an easy way to improve customer engagement, it will also show them that your business has its finger on their pulse, when it comes to offering them what they want.

You’ve heard what we think about flags and banners and now it’s over to you to come up with some ideas about how they can help promote your business. Put yourself in the minds of your customers and picture what they want to see. If you do that, you’ll make a real difference in the promotion of your brand.