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This year, for the third year running, the National Ploughing Championships will take place in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly.

One of the world’s largest outdoor agricultural events, which has drawn a whopping 291,500 visitors in 2017, will open its gates on September 18th and during the course of three days, around 1,700 exhibitors and 300 competitors will have the opportunity to showcase their products, services, and skills on almost 2 million feet of trade space.

All these numbers should clearly illustrate how your brand could benefit from your presence at the show. Still, here are some further details to help you get to know the Championship, and help make your exhibition run smoothly.

How to Prepare for the Exhibition – a Checklist

The first step towards exhibiting at this event is completing and submitting an online questionnaire which you can find here. The organizational team will review it and let you know whether you’re eligible to participate at the National Ploughing Championships.

After the NPC approves your application for exhibiting at the event, it’s time to think about the technical details and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Getting ready for such an exhibition can be challenging, so it’s important to prepare everything well in advance. Here’s a checklist of the things you should cover from the first to the later stages of the process.

  • Pick your exhibition package by weighing out your options, and remember that the best deal isn’t always the most affordable one.
  • Practice setting up your exhibition stand with your staff and make sure that all of you know every step of the way.
  • Check whether all the parts of your package are delivered and that nothing is damaged.
  • Make sure to check your power requirements and test whether your cables are safe to use and of sufficient voltage for your needs at the exhibition.
  • Make a list of all the necessary supplies, including promotional materials, pens, POS terminals, demo products, branded merchandise, and anything that you might need at the exhibition.
  • Talk to your staff a couple of weeks before the event, delegate tasks, and explain everything they need to know.
  • Take care of the transportation, and if you don’t have your own vehicle suitable for moving large pieces of equipment, hire a company that will be able to move everything to the event and handles your cargo with care.
  • Make a thorough final check to make sure that everything is organized and in place.Ploughing Championships

Exhibition Stands and Banners

In order to present your business in an appropriate manner, you’ll need exhibition stands and banners to help you stand out. As these play an important role in promoting your brand, it’s important to pick the right exhibition package which fits the size of your business, as well as your budget. Here’s a list of Printroom’s available packages, along with their pricing:

  1. The Economy Package comes in three options, and you can choose between the following:
  1. The SME Package comes in two options:
  1. The Deluxe Package includes the following:
  • 3m double-sided zipper wall, pop-up counter & 2 x pull up banners for €1200 ex VAT.

Why You Should Be There

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to claim that the National Ploughing Championships is Europe’s most prestigious agricultural event, which can connect you both with potential customers as well as other exhibitors, and help you keep pace with the latest developments in the industry.

By participating in this show, you’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest agribusiness companies and individuals from Ireland and the whole world. This will allow you to engage in some networking, that is to get in touch and establish relationships with your fellow exhibitors, and possibly strike up some business cooperation.

The size and importance of this event can be best examined through the financial prism, as the exhibited agri-equipment is state-of-the-art and its worth is estimated at several billion euros, while the NPC itself provides the Irish economy a boost of more than €35 million. There’s no better place to launch your new agricultural products or services and get the attention you need through extensive media coverage.

Given the establishment of a Ploughing Association in every county in Ireland, as well as the fact that there are delegations from as far as New Zealand scheduled to arrive, it’s evident that the impact your participation in this promotional event can have on your business is an extremely powerful one.

In addition to that, exhibitors will gain access to Irish and various international agri-media forums. The NPC features one of the leading Livestock Exhibitions in Ireland, allowing you to present the advanced methods, equipment, and technologies you use, corroborated by your results in breeding animals of superior quality. Apart from that, you can get expert advice regarding nutrition, health, and genetics, and get acquainted with the latest innovations in the industry.

The Machinery Exhibition gathers all top manufacturers of agricultural equipment, and if you boast agri-machinery or technology aiming to meet the needs of farmers, don’t miss a chance to showcase it and commercialize your business by helping others.

When it comes to food and drink, the Agri-Food Fayre invites all artisan food producers to apply and bring their delicacies to the show.

Apart from these major categories, the following exhibitor profiles can apply to participate, among others: dairy, engineering, financial services, forestry, health, lifestyle and tourism, horticulture, media, education and training, rural organizations and renewable energy, while the complete list can be found here.

As such a prestigious event, the National Ploughing Championships are excellent for increasing brand awareness, growing your customer base, and expanding your business both locally and globally, and putting it on the map.

Wishing you a pleasant exhibition, and welcome to the National Ploughing Championships!

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