Putting your brand front and centre is what trade shows are all about. With so much to see and do, your prospective new customers will need to be enticed to walk in your direction if you’re to get those all-important leads that you’ve been looking for.

To give you some food for thought, why not take a look at our ideas to get the ball rolling?

Does a Professional Stand Make a Difference?

When you’re getting ready for a conference, it can be tempting to go it alone and create your own stand from scratch. Whilst it might look like a passable job when it’s laid out in the meeting room for the rest of the team to take a look at, put it alongside row after row of professional stands and it will be a different story altogether.

If you want to give your brand the slick and professional face that customers expect to see, investing in a professionally constructed exhibition stand is the smarter way to proceed. With tried and tested layouts and finishing techniques, you’ll have everything you need to draw all eyes to your offer when the big day arrives. Let’s take a look at a few of the specifics:


Demo Counters Draw People In

A demo counter stand is a great way to draw people in, so that you can offer them something free. If your product lends itself to a free sample, such as food or drink, you’ll want to think about how best to occupy the high footfall areas that will make all the difference.

The great thing about these kinds of counters is that they look like slimmed down versions of the kinds of confectionary or service counters you’ll find in any store. If you opt for a desk laden with free samples, you’ll certainly be able to give some away, but a surprising number of people will feel self-conscious about approaching you and will give your brand a miss. It’s not because they don’t want what you have to give. It’s because they’ll feel like they’re obliged to listen to a sales pitch when all they really want to do is try your product and then decide for themselves if they want to come back and talk business a little later on.

Counters are Great to Base Yourself at

Sitting at a table is all well and good, but does it give the impression that you’re approachable and ready to talk business? The answer here is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. When you’re sat at a table the onus is on passers-by to queue up and wait to talk to you. But if you’re stood at a countertop stand you’ll naturally appeal to people who are already browsing or looking at your offer from the middle distance.

It’s a clever way of striking the right balance between welcoming people in and not being overly formal. Two things that will help make a real difference to your lead generation capabilities as the day progresses.

Pop Up Units Have Backdrops to Catch the Eye

Creating a real stir is what a conference is all about, which means that you need a backdrop that catches the eye from right across the hall. If you opt for a fabric pop up unit with a solid backdrop behind your counter, you can add your own graphics and lighting to really take centre stage.

This may sound like you’re going on the offensive when it comes to standing out, but remember that everyone else will be doing the same thing too. A stand that looks amazing in the meeting room back at HQ could look markedly different when you erect it on the morning of the big day and it becomes just another medium-sized stand amongst hundreds and hundreds of others. Do something a little different and visitors won’t think that you’ve gone over the top. They’ll assume that you have a professional approach to marketing and advertising and that this carries over into the way you run the rest of your business.


Wide Pull Up Banners Allow You to Get Your Brand Out There

A pull up banner is a great way to flank any stand or stall when conference season rolls around. By being able to have enough space to display some key stats and metrics about your business, as well as your logo and slogan, you’ll have a great way to give information to passing visitors, without having to hand out brochures or get people to talk to you.

Not only that, but they can help give the impression of a larger pitch so that a great number of potential customers and clients congregate. This is ideal for ensuring you have the all-important ‘pull’ that people always talk about. 

Table Cloths are the Perfect Finishing Touch

Even if you opt for a stand, there’s no reason not to fit a table into your setup if you have the space for it. They are still a great way to display products and present printed materials that you want people to go away with after you’ve had the chance to speak to them.

What you do need to think about however is how to apply the correct finishing touch, so that you maintain that same level of professional aestheticism right the way across your pitch. Adding a branded tablecloth is the simple and easy way to turn any table into the branding space that helps draw people in.

Okay, so you’ve heard a few ideas from us which means now all you need to do is decide which way you want to take things. The simple way to get started is to check the space of your pitches at all of the various conferences that you plan to attend. That way you can get a feel for whether you can feasibly create something that can be taken to every event, or whether there are certain prestige events that warrant their own dedicated stand to fit the occasion.