Summer is here (as fleeting as it might be), and you’re looking to market your business where your prospects are – outdoors.

Good call! Chances are you’ll face some challenges, like the unpredictable weather, but, if you do it properly, you’ll make a statement that will win some prospective customers over.

At outdoor gatherings, emotions run high. They give rise to a communal experience, which is your chance to connect with prospects in a way that’s not possible in shops or online.

To brand your event successfully, here are a few considerations to keep in mind. They’ll help you cultivate a positive connection with your prospects and help you get your brand noticed.

Know your Audience

The crowd at an electronic dance music festival is quite different from the crowd at an apple pie contest. How you go about branding your event and business depends on who will come to your event. Before you start, do a bit of research to get a sense of the anticipated crowd.

Consider the age range of your visitors, their sense of fashion, tastes in music, etc. If you have organised or attended such events before, look at the photos from the previous years. That will give you a sense of who you need to market to and how to catch their attention.

For example, temporary tattoos might be a good promo idea for a young crowd at a music festival. Knowing your audience better will also allow you to pick out staff members that are best suited for the event.

summer festival

Strategic Signage and Crowd Barriers

When it comes to branding, size matters. The larger the signage, the bigger impact it has. One of the best ways to grab people’s attention is to have large banners. But, even though size is important, the location matters just as much.

If you want them to have the biggest impact, place your largest banners near places where the most people will be. Spots near stages or arenas work great. On the other hand, if you post them near drink and food stands, the crowd will probably be too thirsty or hungry to notice them.

You could also place them on the route to the venue or just outside the event. This way, you’ll be generating excitement among visitors. But, perhaps more importantly, it will generate interest among non-attendees. When the attendees leave the even, the sings will keep the buzz going.

Stands, Banners and Flags near Gazebos

Since size is of the essence here, let’s not forget about gazebos and marquees. They are quite attention-grabbing structures that also offer protection from the elements.

Think about placing banners, flags, or any other signs near entrances to temporary structures. In case of rain, people will flock to your tent or gazebo to seek shelter. It doesn’t get more strategic than that.

Promo fags are a simple and cost-efficient way of telling everyone where you are at. They can help you take full advantage of the outdoor area. Teardrop flags are ideal for such events. If you are expecting children at the event, you can hand out little flags to them.

summer concert


Perhaps you are bound to a single stand. Make sure to dress it properly with tablecloths, flags, and full-colour banners.

Go big and bold with a big canopy and you will make an impact even if your booth is just outside of the entrance to an event. A certain way to get noticed is to use feather flags that’ll wave in the summer breeze.


Timing is important, as well as location and size. It would be good to brand based on the time of the day. Think about when the audience will be more receptive to visuals. Is it at the beginning or at the end of the event?

For example, placing your signage at the beginning of the exit pathway might not work that well. Visitors who are leaving might be easily distracted, so they won’t notice it.

Put yourself in their shoes. You are leaving the place and, as you are leaving, you are replaying the event in your head, so you are not really concentrating. You might see the visual, but you’ll forget all about it by the end of the pathway.

Instead, place the signage at the very end of the pathway. That will ensure a better impact. A strategic approach is much better than random placement of visuals.

summer park

Step Outside of the Box

It’s a cliché expression, true, but for a reason – it works! Think about what else could make a statement and get people talking. For example, one enterprise hosted an event with dozens of different rooms or tents. Each had its own theme. It might sound a little quirky, but it got people talking.

Chill Zone

People always need some time to unwind at busy events, especially in summer. Make sure they have a place to do so. A simple move like setting up a few hammocks with your logo on them will do wonders.

Play some chill tunes for them and create enough shade. Provide them with a station where they can recharge their smartphones.

Do that and you won’t have to chat up the attendees to come and join you. Just seeing your staff hanging out there, having a good time, and enjoying themselves will make them want to join in on the party.

You can enhance the chill zone by setting up a fun zone right next to it. It could have a prize wheel, a trivia game, or even a giant Jenga. The best thing would be for the activity to be related to your products or services. But even if it’s not, it’s still an excellent branding opportunity.


What better way to entice visitors than to shower them with free promo gear? A promo giveaway doesn’t have to put a big dent in your budget to be successful. The key is for the swag to be functional.

Visors, hats, sunglasses, and frisbees are always more than welcome in summer. All branded of course. Smartphone power banks and drawstring bags are gifts that will be useful the whole year. Visitors will certainly remember you by them.

Ready to host your summer event? Reach out to Printroom and let us be a part of it!