When you want to get your brand out there and promote it at a sports event, there are a few things that you need to know in advance. Turn your attention to the following points and you’ll be able to gather information on everything you need to do to stand out at your next one. Ideal for taking your brand to new heights, and gaining some new customers.

Create a Branded Stand That You Can Base Yourself At

Every brand needs an exhibition stand to base itself at. By all means, have people circulating amongst the crowd as well to get their attention, but you need to have an established presence so that people know where to find you. Use banners, flags, and other branded signage so that it’s clear who you are and what you have to offer. That way, you’ll be able to meet and great people all day long without having to constantly introduce yourself.

User Banners to Catch the Eye From Far Away

The great thing about pull up banners is that they can be seen from hundreds of metres away if displayed correctly. Take the time to choose colours and fonts that stand out and are easily readable and you’ll be able to catch the attention of people from the other side of the venue. Ideal if you want people making their way towards you with no real effort on your part.

Have a Loudhailer or Some Music so That People Gravitate Towards You

Add to the atmosphere and don’t be overly corporate. Sporting events are about relaxing and having fun, so create that kind of atmosphere around your stand. If you’re too serious and focused on the sale, people will give your offer a miss. It’s not why they’re in attendance in the first place.

Hand Out Free Samples, Drinks, or Sweets So That You Always Get Approached

If your brand lends itself to free samples, then do hand them out. If not, then hand out some sweets and drinks. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you’re offering people something they want, for nothing. They’ll be enticed and will want some of it, and most of them will end up chatting to you out of politeness. This is your chance to showcase what you have to offer and gently try and generate a few more leads.

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Use High Energy Staff to Showcase Everything That’s Great about Your Brand

If you’re at a sporting event, you don’t want to be standing around mumbling with your hands in your pockets. You want to be projecting energy and enthusiasm to the crowds of people that are in attendance. This means you want high energy staff who aren’t afraid to join in and get involved with the proceedings.

Dress the Part so That You Fit in With the Sporting Vibe: Ditch the Suits

Nobody attends sporting events in suits with leather folders under their arms, so you shouldn’t either. Keep things smart-casual with jeans and matching company polo shirts that are adorned with your logo. That way, people will know who you are and what you’re doing, but you won’t be so overdressed that you stand out. Keep things leisurely and you’ll be able to strike the right balance between joining the crowd on the one hand, and projecting a professional image on the other.

Offer the Chance to Win a Prize By Entering a Competition

Everyone loves the chance to win something, so why not get in on the act. Offering people the opportunity to submit their contact details in exchange for the chance to win an iPad or sports tickets is a great way to drum up plenty of interest. The great thing about this approach is that you can then use the emails you garner to start an email marketing campaign. Ideal if you want your reach to extend far beyond the end of the event itself.

Get an Endorsement by a Well Known Athlete

If you’re at a sporting event, you need to do something to catch the eye of all the fans around you. Attracting a well-known athlete to act as your ambassador for the day is a great way to have people flocking to your stall. Granted, they’ll primarily be coming because of the star athlete giving out autographs, but it will create huge footfall right where you want it. 

Hand Out Flyers to Drive People towards Your Stand

One more thing to consider is how many flyers you want to hand out on the day. In general, the more you hand out, the more people will make their way to your stall over the course of the event. Distribute them widely so that no corner of the grounds are left untouched by your branding. Ideal if you want to maximise your outreach.

Be There Pre- or Post-Game to Raise Some Hype

People want to be in on the excitement before and after a game, especially if their team has won. Make sure to set up early, so that you can chat to the first arrivals and spread the word, and stay on late enough to participate in the celebrations, and get even more people attracted to your offer.

Make Sure You are Targeting the Right Crowd

If your brand is known for supporting a particular sports team, make sure you don’t offend the opposing team’s fans. It might not be something that comes to mind, but you don’t want to do anything that might alienate a chunk of your potential customers. Make sure you are neutral, if you can, or if not, make sure you keep communication on the day civil, despite potential provocations.