Printed Lanyards

Manufactured in Ireland

At Printroom, we can produce full colour lanyards using a CMYK process, enabling us to match a pantone reference if required.

  • No more restrictions when it comes to colour
  • Our prices are very competive
  • No One will beat our turnarund times
  • You can order as little as 30 if needed
  • We have no design or set-up charges

20mm full colour lanyards with safety clips and clip hooks. Prices displayed are ex VAT.

  • 30 – €3.20 each
  • 50 – €2.85 each
  • 100 – €1.90 each
  • 200 – €1.70 each
  • 300 – €1.55 each
  • 500 – €1.25 each
  • 1000 – €0.93 each
  • Ordering more than 1000, please call for a discount

Design Service

We can offer you a complete design service. Please call for more details, Or you can supply the artwork ready for print. Artwork needs to be supplied in high resolution pdf to size.

With 20 years of experience under our belt and state-of-the-art digital printing equipment in the country in our possession, Printroom is able to manufacture premium full colour printed lanyards to match your brand’s visual identity.

The recent boom in awareness of the importance of exposing one’s brand identity through a variety of design material has led to an increased interest in products such as lanyards. A growing number of brands in the world are now employing lanyards sporting fine art as a means to increase brand visibility besides traditional print and digital media.

Benefits of a Printed Lanyard from Printroom

You might wonder what exactly is so special about a lanyard created by Printroom when a number of other printing companies are offering the same service too. Here are some of the major benefits one can get from printed lanyards produced at our facilities.

  • Full Colour: At Printroom, we can produce full colour lanyards using a CMYK process, enabling us to match a pantone reference if required. No more restrictions when it comes to colour!
  • Diversity: The full colour process printing technique allows us to incorporate numerous varieties of brand logos, text, and images across the length of a single lanyard. The required material can also be repeated across the length of the lanyard if you so desire.
  • Competitive Pricing: Of course, when it comes to a purchase, price is always a major concern. Our product differentiation strategy revolves around the best-cost model, meaning that you will be getting the best possible price on our lanyards for the quality we offer.
  • Safety: All lanyards produced by Printroom come complete with standard metal clip hooks and safety clips. No ends are left untied during production of any of our products.
  • Minimum Order: Most solution providers in this vein only accept orders in bulk in order to take advantage of economies of scale. In direct contrast, at Printroom, you can place an order of just minimum 30 lanyards!
  • Fast Delivery: All lanyards are produced at our facilities in Ireland, and efficient delivery to our clients is ensured from this point onwards.

Lanyards can be customized according to your exact specifications, while a stock of plain lanyards is also available for purchase. While our line-up continues to expand, our current lanyard offerings include:

  • Full Colour Lanyards
  • Single Coloured Lanyards
  • Neck lanyards
  • Neck Straps
  • Badge Holders

Being a relatively smaller company, we can serve as an extension of your business, being on-call for you on a more personal basis. No more will you have to deal with bureaucratic hurdles; instead, you will be able to talk to the very people responsible for creating the lanyards you desire. This enables us to cater to your needs efficiently and effectively; a win-win situation for all parties involved!

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