Double Sided Pull-up Banner

In its name, you have a graphic each side. so double the impact. We use a specific grey back Pull up 210mic banner material with a very durable base with a padded strong carrycase.

The Pull up banner print is 85cm x 2m High.

  • 1 Unit – €165 ex Vat
  • 2 Units – €150 each ex Vat
  • 3 – 4 Units – €145 each ex Vat
  • 5 Units – €140 each ex Vat
  • Order more, please contact us for a discount

Design Service

We can offer you a complete design service. Please call for more details
Or you can supply the artwork ready for print. Artwork needs to be
supplied in high resolution pdf to size. 850mm x 2000mm + an additional 100mm at the end to attach to unit

Built on the same format as standard pull-up display banner stands, double sided banners come with one distinct modification as implied by the name itself. Now you can drape 2 banners on either side of the stand to attract a wider range of audiences!

All set to set up shop at an upcoming trade fair? Planning advertisement tactics in advance to attract the most number of visitors to your booth? Consider a double-sided pull-up banner for this purpose. The advantage of being able to effectively advertise your product or service to people passing from either side of the banner is undeniable; which is precisely why this category of banners is fast gaining prevalence in mobile advertising.

Display Banner Stands Package

With each order of a double sided pull-up display banners, you get:

  • A high grade aluminum stand
  • 2 quality non-curl banners; scratch resistant and laminated for increased durability
  • Nylon carry-case with shoulder straps

The display banners can easily be hung upon the stand without hassle, and can be re-printed with different artwork for convenient reuse.

While double sided display banner stands are an incredibly effectual form of advertising, particularly at trade shows and outdoor sites frequented by a lot of people, they may not be the best choice for everyone. If the trade show location is such that most people will only pass by one side, you might be better off with our routine roll up banners, effectively saving on costs while accomplishing the same thing. On the other hand, if the location is such that people are bound to walk past both side of the banner, a double sided pull-up makes perfect sense.

We also offer comprehensive high-grade graphic design services at Printroom for pretty much any purpose. Our creative team is more than capable of creating just the design you envision. Contact Us today for more information or to place an order!