Do you want a unique printed counter stand to add extra charm to your marketing event?

Printroom expert services are at your service!

Whether you need a counter stand to promote your offerings in an expo or a trade show, or just want to add an attractive product on your counter which presents the brochures in an appealing way, a printed counter stand is the ideal choice!

By opting for a custom made counter stand, you can present the product leaflets and brochures in an interesting arrangement, drawing in the crowd towards your product counter. Printed counter stands are a great way to attract customers with engaging messages and illustrations, which have great visual impact on the crowd.

If you wish to offer samples or products at your counter stand, then a professionally designed and printed stand will help you present your offerings in an appealing way.

Opt for Printed counter stands to promote impulse buying!

Ensure impulse buying by drawing the attention of the crowd with a visually engaging counter stand, which is designed and printed by our expert team of professionals.

You can also attract your potential customers to try out the free samples on a trade show, marketing event, trade fair, and even a meeting or promotional presentation. The design details and colour specifications can be chosen to compliment the theme of the event or the colour codes of your company product. You can order a unique product, like no other, and we will add creative artwork and quality graphic designing to make your dream come true!


The more you experiment with your creativity, the more unique your counter stand, and the more crowds you can attract towards your product! And you can utilize the experienced skill of Printroom professionals to order exactly what you need!

What we offer…..

What makes our services different from others is our commitment towards customer satisfaction. We value our industry valued quality standards and offer you the opportunity to place an order for a printed counter stand which will be the centre of attention of your marketing campaign!

To provide you with superior quality products which are our forte and speciality, we use state of the art digital graphic and printing equipment. While offering affordable rates, we never compromise on quality and offer you highly satisfactory support and service every step of the order process, right up to the final product.

We also offer you the opportunity to remain in constant contact with the team handling your project, so that you get exactly what you need. The print and design quality of your counter stand will draw the attention of the audience, enabling you to interest them in your new offerings, try out samples, or engage in impulse buying.

With the design genius and creativity of the Printroom professionals at your service, you can opt for a unique, stylish, fun, classic, retro or any other counter stand model design you can ever wish for! Just give us a call and we at Printroom are at your service to make your wish come true!